As the environment is changing rapidly, there is a concern around the world to reduce carbon footprints. So all most all industries along with concerned governments are trying to due the same. Packaging is one of the core requirement in manufacturing and trading. Governments across the globe have banned many non-biodegradable packing materials. Unified PacxinG therefore offers 100% biodegradable packaging solutions. Our Organic Fiber Packaging use recyclable material to make all types of packaging material.

Organic Fiber Paper is made from recycled material such as recycled paper, cardboard or other natural fibers (sugarcane, bamboo, wheat straw). It is used for protective packaging or for food service trays and beverage carriers. Other typical uses are end caps, trays, plates, bowls and clamshell containers.

Organic Fiber’s inherent resilience and blocking and bracing capabilities enable it to outperform most vacuum-formed plastic, expanded polystyrene, and corrugated designs. Because it is made from abundantly available recycled paper, Organic fibers are a cost-effective choice compared to other packaging mediums with high raw material costs.

Benefits Of Organic Fiber Packaging


  1. 100% post-industrial raw materials
  2. Chemical-free pulping process
  3. Open air drying (70% of the time)
  4. No waste water — all water evaporates or is reused in the pulping process
  5. Zero manufacturing waste –- all scraps are returned to the pulp slurry
  6. Final packaging is 100% recyclable


  1. Excellent bracing, blocking and cushioning protection
  2. Unaffected by extreme temperatures
  3. Water resistant
  4. Electrically neutral


-Organic Fiber Lowers Costs by 70%

Costs associated with the price of an item includes transportation, warehousing, labor and design. We save our customers money and resources every day in each of these categories. Unified’s Organic Fiber can reduce costs by as much as 70% when compared to other packaging materials.

-Organic Fiber Saves Valuable Space

Unified’s designs Organic Fiber packaging to nest and stack together. This allows for a greater quantity on each and every pallet enabling our customers to ship more per truckload. The cost savings for some parts can produce 50% less shipping volume, not to mention the warehouse space required for storage on your factory floor.

-Designed to nest for reduced shipping and storage costs.

-Formed to shape –- no assembly required