Molded Pulp Packaging is a green packaging solution if you are looking for a green and recyclable product. If you are using Thermocol or EP Form or Thermoformed plastics, Molded pulp is a better and viable replacement to get a green solution. Not only Eco-friendly, it is also economical with respect to EP Foam. As Molded Pulp is made up of Paper Pulp or in Some case other natural decomposable  material, cost fluctuation is very low. Compared to any other synthetic or Plastic packaging material you use.

Molded Pulp also have unique ability to be customized to your packaging needs. Based on shape and size or other design specifications, your packaging will be custom made. It helps to reduce excess packaging and hence reduce cost of delivery or transportation.

Molded Pulp Packaging (Industrial)

Molded Pulp Packaging Industrial

Molded pulp packaging is particularly helpful in electronic and electrical items like Fan, Invertor, Batteries, Refrigerators, Mobile, Laptop or Mixer Juicer. As Molded pulp is electrically neutral, there is no issue in packing any kind of electrical equipment. Also it provides perfect cushioning required for sensitive equipment like TV, LCD or Laptops.

Molded Pulp Tray for Medical Services

molded pulp kidney tray

Molded Pulp Tray are also useful in medical sector. Being customized as per requirement and low cost of product help to create new products for hygiene purpose like kidney Tray, Urinal Bottles. Also as molded pulp tray can be stacked together, the space required to store them is very less. It helps to utilize available space in small nursing home and  hospitals for better use.

Molded Pulp Tray for Food and Beverages

molded pulp food tray

Molded Pulp tray for food industry are also very viable solution than using plastic tray. Due to customized hot press molding technique we can make recyclable and low cost food tray. These are 100% recyclable as well as don’t affect health like plastics. As molded fiber is 100% natural and can be treated as per food industry norms. Molded Pulp bottles can also be treated for water proofing and hence can be replaced for plastic bottles.

Unified PacxinG can help you design a customized solution for your product. If you are looking for a recyclable packaging material, Molded pulp is the best solution. You need to provide your design input for your item and our team of professional designers will provide you best possible and eco-friendly packaging solution.


Why Molded Pulp?
  • Environmentally Friendly –  Compostable and Biodegradable
  • Custom Design –  Engineered to your specifications
  • Protection –  Superior shock and vibration cushioning
  • Cost Stability –  Long term price guarantee
  • Space Savings –  Nestable and stackable