Corrugated Boxes are one of the widely used packaging and shipping material. Made up of fluted corrugated sheet and one or two flat linerboards. Boxes need to contain the product from manufacturing through distribution to sale and sometimes end-use.

Paper Corrugated Boxes

Unified PacxinG offers packaging know-how and a variety of solutions starting with the small complicated die-cut primary Carton box right through to the demanding protective heavy duty corrugated boxes. At Unified PacxinG, we work to meet the performance requirements of a box while controlling total costs throughout the system.

One of the important functions of a corrugated box is to provide crush resistance (product protection) and adequate strength for stacking in warehouses. A box can be designed by optimizing the grade of corrugated board, box design, flute direction, and inner supports.

The Benefits of our Corrugated Boxes:

Unified PacxinG offer Paper Corrugated Boxes made up of premium grade raw material. We use raw material procured from the reliable and certified vendors of the market to ensure durability and reliability. Other benefits include:

  • Great performances, when the proper style/type is chosen for the application
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Offers shock absorption properties
  • Versatile, used in many industries
  • Saves space, delivered flat
  • Completely recyclable and easy to dispose of